Xiao Ke & Zi Han (CHN)

    Republic of Dance

    Dance in Public Space

    What if Theaterplatz, Frauenplan and the Market Square were to be dance venues? In China, public space is often used for communal dancing, or Plaza Dancing. Led by middle-aged ladies called «Damas», sometimes complicated choreographies are danced to a mix of traditional Chinese music, revolutionary songs and international pop music. The artist collective Xiao Ke & Zi Han integrates Plaza Dancing into its project, so as to explore how politics and history are inscribed in individual bodies, and how personal political experiences and cultural memories can be seen in communal behaviour and dance. In doing so they open up parallel perspectives on the history of Weimar as well as on the social changes in China and the conditions of its hybrid communist-capitalist system. Part 1 is a public dance on Theaterplatz, led by two Damas, at the same time as the evening dances in China. Part 2 is a video documentation about those dances and the everyday life of active Damas. Then, in a dance performance on the DNT Studiobühne, impressions from the Theaterplatz dance will be interwoven with the biographies of the participating dancers.

    Concept & Direction
    Xiao Ke & Zi Han

    Xiao Ke

    Feng Huijin and Sun Changfang

    Dramaturgy, Production Management & Translation
    Anja Goette

    Video & Music
    Zi Han With Feng Huijin, Sun Changfang , Xiao Ke, Li Chenchuan, Zi Han

    Kunstfest Weimar


    Foto: Zi Han



    Sat 20.08.
    Free event


Weimarer Sommer