Semer à trois

    Since 2012 the »Semer Ensemble« discovers a particular musical treasure: forbidden Jewish songs from the 1930s, which the producer Hirsch Lewin recorded under Nazi domination. A treasure of Jewish music including many genres: songs of cabaret and opera, liturgical music just like folk songs.
    On the stage of the Künstlergarten they play in a smaller cast, but with as much devotion. A special program of the Yiddish Summer Weimar and the Kunstfest Weimar.

    Hearin examples of »Semer Ensemble« at Youtube
    Alan Bern (acc, p)
    Mark Kovnatskiy (v)
    Sasha Lurje (voc)

    Foto: Adam Berry (Alan Bern), Marlene Karpischek (Sasha Lurje)



    Sat 20.08.
    Free event


Weimarer Sommer