Mass & Fieber

    James Bomb – das Konzert

    »Mass & Fieber« - here comes the band! The theatercombine with headquarters in Zurich and Hamburg has always been noticed with good live music. Now it gathers all its musical talents from West and East (»Mass & Fieber OST«) on a stage and performs »James Bomb - the concert«.
    Facts, opinions and soundscapes that earned to low attention in the past, the collective helps to ist rights with »James Bomb«. Beats and Sounds from Country to Punk to Electrofunk circle around the popular theme of love and violence in the age of paranoia . With Cartoon-interlude!


    Markus Schönholzer (voc, git, bs)
    Johannes Geißer (voc, git)
    Felix Huber (kb, bs)
    Dominik Fürstberger (dr, voc)
    Fabienne Hadorn (voc, bs)
    Antonia Labs (voc, git)
    Christian Bayer (speaker)

    Text: Brigitte Helbling u. a.
    Sound: Mike Hasler
    Video: Elke Auer
    Cartoon: Henrik von der Lieth
    Kostüm: Judith Steinmann
    Licht: Suse Berthold
    Regie: Niklaus Helbling



    Thu 25.08.
    Free event


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