Teatret Gruppe 38 (DK)

    I’m Not Afraid of Anything

    Of course ghosts are invisible, unless they are wearing a white sheet! And naturally we should avoid an abandoned house, just for safety sake. We also know it's great to dress up, which is why Santa Claus is not for real most of the time! So what do we really have to be afraid of? The Danish company Teatret Gruppe 38 has all it needs to teach us about fear: dolls, music, shadow play and a lot of exciting stories. About noises you never heard before; about underwater worlds you cannot escape, and about the delight of being afraid. The three actors skilfully enable images to emerge that are almost tangible and that come alive in our minds. Teatret Gruppe 38 has been touring for more than 30 years and is regarded worldwide as one of the outstanding children's and youth theatre ensembles.

    Catherine Poher

    Bodil Alling, Paolo Cardona, Søren la Cour, Valentine Fell, Marie Netterstrøm, Lars K. Olesen, Catherine Poher, Søren Søndberg, Jonas Vest

    Bodil Alling, Søren la Cour, Søren Søndberg

    With the generous support of the Weimarer Wohnstätte and Geminützige Wohnungsgenossenschaft e.G.

    Foto: Teatret Gruppe 38



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    Fri 02.09.
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