Schlagquartett Köln (D)

    The Unfolded Space

    The Kunstfest Weimar aims to present unusual venues: the former Weimar-Werk north-east of the main station, inaugurated in 1898, comprised different industrial plants. Initially railway carriages were built there, then the operation became a model plant of the armaments industry in 1933. In the 1950s agricultural machines were produced in the main KET hall (an acronym for Potato Harvesting Technology). Used today for storage, it covers an area of 127 × 144 meters and once had the largest saw-tooth roof in Thuringia. Can such a site be exploited artistically, explored by sound? The Schlagquartett Köln's concert programme is inspired by these relics of industrial progress and reveals how marvellously diverse and concrete New Music can be. The quartet uses a wide range of classical and exotic instruments to render the particular atmosphere of the space tangible, with sounds ranging from rhythmized hides and woods to rustling rain jackets to the archaic sound of metal drums to crank sirens and bird pipes. The internationally known percussion formation Schlagquartett Köln has specialised for 25 years in discovering unusual acoustic spaces.

    Schlagquartett Köln, Kunstfest Weimar

    Thomas Meixner, Boris Müller, Dirk Rothbrust, Achim Seyler (Schlagquartett Köln) sowie Marnisch Ebner, Jürgen Schneider, Antonino Secchia

    Carola Bauckholt: »Der aufgefaltete Raum« (2015), »Hirn & Ei« (2010), Volker Staub: »Quartett für Metalltrommeln« (2001), Wolfgang Rihm: »Stück« (1989), Vinko Globokar: »Tribadabum extensif sur rythme fantôme« (1981), Nicolaus A. Huber: »Herbstfestival« (1988)

    Kunstfest Weimar

    With the generoous support of the KET Weimar Handelsgesellschaft mbH

    Foto: Ackermann



    Sat 03.09.


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