Acting Space – Bauhaus Goes Kunstfest 2016

    Students of the Master‘s programme «Kunst im öffentlichen Raum und neue
    künstlerische Strategien / Public Art and New Artistic Strategies» of the Faculty of
    Art and Design at Bauhaus University Weimar

    In the framework of the cooperation between the international Master's programme and the Kunstfest, which has existed since 2014, Weimar's public spaces are artistically explored with regard to historical, political, social and cultural aspects. The international artists develop installations, interventions and performances that investigate new forms of artistic work. Their diverse backgrounds and cultural perspectives enhance this complex exploration of the city and its history.

    The Solution Mat
    Vanessa Brazeau
    Ort: Theaterplatz
    Termin: 27./28.8.16 / 13 -14 Uhr

    Should Germany close its borders to migrants? Should the UK rejoin the EU? Should the EU forgive Greece's debt? Will Donald Trump become the new US president? Should Israel be boycotted?

    The artwork »The Solution Mat« provides a public place of exchange, for collective concrete solutions to current political and social debates. In ancient Greece, philosophers used public sports forums etc. instead of argument to forcefully challenge the views of their contemporaries on neutral ground. In today's society where there are no universal truths or correct answers, an alternative to rational and objective-based discussions for decision making seems to be necessary.
    In a wrestling match between the artist Vanessa Brazeau and the performer Antonije Buric the audience's questions will be answered by the outcome of each battle.

    The Treadmill Runner
    Vasili Macharadze
    Ort: Schillerstraße am Wittumspalais
    Termin: 20.-27.8.16 /  Mo-Fr: 16 -19 Uhr, Sa/So: 10 -14 Uhr

    The amount of exchange and cooperation in a community affects our daily lives and how significant is the collective to the individual?  The positive affirmation through applause of a larger group of people plays an important role in motivation. At the same time, this usually creates a barrier between actors and viewers.

    In the work »The Treadmill Runner«, the artist questions the roles of the actor and the audience, examining possible forms of interaction. The audience is invited to be part of the performance and to take control of the artist and his actions: the artist runs on a treadmill; he has no effect on the settings. The speed of the treadmill is determined by rhythmic and concordant applause from the audience, forcing the actor to adjust his speed to the rhythm of applause.

    The Carpet Covers The Earth
    Ahmet Kavas
    Ort: Stadtverwaltung, Schwanseestr. 17
    Termin: 22.8.-2.9.16 / Mo-Fr (außer Mi): 10 -13 Uhr

    A red carpet, which is usually an expression of appreciation for distinguished and prominent people at official events, will be spread by the artist from the Weimar municipal building to the office for immigration. The fabric for the carpet was donated by Weimar locals and will be assembled piece by piece in an artistic performance. At the same time the artist invites visitors to join him in conversation, to approach concepts such as borders, nations or background. The work refers not only to the current refugee debate, but also to the uniqueness of each individual, regardless of where he or she came from and wherever he or she goes.

    The Specter
    Rebecca A. Layton, Filipe Serro
    Ort: Seitenfassade Markt 10, Tourist-Information
    Termin: 19.8.-4.9.16 / ab 21 Uhr

    The Weimar City Hall on Marktplatz reflects the experience of different eras and political upheaval, leading to many architectural changes that repeatedly gave the building a new identity. Today the building illustrates how close the ties are between architecture and ideology. While the gable and front of the building are reminiscent of the Renaissance period, the side facade demonstrates typical DDR architecture – one of the few traces of Eastern Postmodernism in the Weimar city center.

    In a nighttime light installation part of the building will be illuminated to direct the attention of passers-by towards the different layers of memory and history.

    Asking Nietzsche For Help / Do You Believe Nietzsche
    Antonije Buric, Vasili Macharadze
    Ort: Hauptbahnhof, Eingangshalle, Schopenhauerstr. 2
    Termin: 19.8.-4.9.2016

    That Friedrich Nietzsche spent his final years in Weimar ill is a secret the classical city would like to remain hidden. During the era of the GDR, due to the reception of his work by National Socialism, Nietzsche was rarely present in public discourse.

    In the piece »Asking Nietzsche For Help / Do You Believe Nietzsche« the philosopher will now be given a new monument. In contrast to the otherwise static cenotaphs of the city, viewers can communicate with Nietzsche and refer questions to him.

    Vanessa Brazeau (CAN)
    Antonije Buric (MNE /SRB)
    Ahmet Kavas (TUR)
    Rebecca A. Layton (USA)
    Vasili Macharadze (GEO)
    Filipe Serro (PT)


    Prof. Danica Dakic, Anke Hannemann, Jirka Reichmann (Coordination)

    Kunstfest Weimar and the MFA programme «Kunst im öffentlichen Raum und neue künstlerische Strategien / Public Art and New Artistic Strategies» at the Bauhaus University Weimar


    Foto: The Solution Mat, Vanessa Brazeau, Ira

    Fri 19.08. - Sun 04.09.
    Acting Space – Bauhaus Goes Kunstfest 2016

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