Peter Weiss: The Aesthetics of Resistance

    A series of seven readings and a discussion

    Reading 7: Pergamon-Altar II

    Peter Weiss provided thought-provoking impulses for processing the political atrocities of the Nazi era. His 1,000 page novel is a comprehensive review of the recent past from the perspective of a young communist worker involved in anti-fascist resistance in Nazi Germany, in the Spanish Civil War and in political activities after his emigration to Sweden. The first-person narrator not only bears witness to history, he also asks whether an aesthetics of resistance exists and what it means. Can art and literature really promote resistance, or are they no more than aesthetic responses to contemporary events? The questions and visions about a functional social community that Weiss formulates are of great relevance to today's debate about social values and ideals. The novel will be presented in great detail in seven readings at unusual venues organized jointly with the Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar.

    Readings can be selected individually.

    The event is technically supported for hearing impaired people (e.g. deaf-aid and Cochlea implants).

    Further Readings:

    So   21.8. / 11 am «Pergamon-Altar I» with Thomas and Arthur Thieme

    Mo  22.8. / 7 pm «Widerstand»

    Wed 24.8. / 7 pm «Guernica»

    Thu   25.8. / 7 pm «Exil & Begegnung mit Brecht»

    Sun   28.8. / 11 am «Die Mutter»

    Fri    2.9. / 7 + 7.30 pm «Die Rote Kapelle»

    Sun   4.9. / 11 am «Pergamon-Altar II» with Thomas and Arthur Thieme

    Peter Weiss: «The Aesthetics of Resistance»

    Beate Seidel, Martina Stütz

    Stage Design
    Richard Fulton

    Thomas Thieme, Arthur Thieme, members of the DNT ensemble

    Kunstfest Weimar, Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar


    Sun 04.09.


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    Knowledge of German is required.
    Warm clothing highly recommended.

    50% reduction from the 3. ticket onwards (available only at DNT box office)

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