17.8. - 2.9.2018

    Chats in the Bauhaus Kitchen

    In the turbulent years following the war, revolution and the founding of a new republic, society struggled to find people were capable of shaping the new order. During this phase, numerous artists, architects and designers assumed leadership roles. With the founding of the Bauhaus in 1919, students and instructors alike had the opportunity to propose new ways of organising life in the modern industrial age. The Bauhaus represented an exploratory relationship with respect to materials, forms and knowledge, and offered the economically unstable and politically fragile Weimar Republic with a constructive, aesthetic and realisable social utopia. The Bauhaus was an artists’ republic and engineering salon, a laboratory and an experiment.

    In the series «Chats in the Bauhaus Kitchen», the Kunstfest Weimar asks experts, researchers, artists and the audience: What does «being modern» mean today, 100 years after the founding of the Bauhaus in the middle of the 21st century?

    During each chat, visitors will be invited to enjoy snacks and refreshments from the Bauhaus kitchen.


    Weather phenomena have always served as metaphors for describing world events. The same holds for the history of the Bauhaus – an interplay of heating and cooling, scorching euphoria and frosty rejection. In the same way literature, art and science uses the language of meteorology to offer an alternative perspective on world events, we too shall examine current social, societal and political imbalances in terms of weather fluctuations.

    Furter events in this talk series
    Wed, 21.8. / 18:00 Uhr, »Cold«, Museum für Ur- und Frühgeschichte Thüringens
    Thu, 29.8. / 18:00 Uhr, »Balances«, ACC Galerie Weimar

    Janek Müller, Niklas Hoffmann-Walbeck

    Maxim Didenko, Thom Luz, Thorsten Blume

    Kunstfest Weimar

    Founded by Kulturstiftung des Bundes im Fonds Fonds »Bauhaus heute« Im Rahmen von »Hitze Kälte Apparate. Bauhaus – Versuche am Gleichgewicht«

    Supported by Landesbetrieb für Bau- und Liegenschaftsmanagement Sachsen-Anhalt

    Foto: «ice», Dana Keller

    Foto: «ice», Dana Keller



    Thu 30.08.


    Additional information & price

    Duration ca. 1h 30, no intermission

    Tickets € 5 / reduced start at € 3
    1 € reduction from the 3rd talk on (only available at DNT theater box office),
    combinable with talk series »Kollektiver Dialog Gertrud Grunow«

    Knowledge of German required

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