Open Call and Story Cafés for the mobile project »Dirty Talking – Thuringian Seductions«

Are you easily seduced? Are you good at seducing? Who are the seducers? Who are the seduced?

As part of the KUNSTFEST WEIMAR '22, our Art and Theatre project invites you, dear Thuringians, to share your experiences, thoughts and ideas on the subject of seduction – whether anecdotal or poetic, whether fragmentary or programmatically written, whether sensually, politically or socially motivated:

Write to us at by 24 July 2022 and, with a bit of luck, your word message will already find use on a theatre stage or in a work of art this late summer.

The joint project by KUNSTFEST WEIMAR, ACC Galerie Weimar and the Federal Agency for Civic Education is called »Dirty Talking – Thuringian Seductions«. It deals with different forms of seduction - from fascination and temptation to manipulation and disinformation.

This is where you, dear Thuringians, come into play: Your sent-in words will become part of the solo theatre piece »The Tribune« by Mauricio Kagel as heckles. The Thuringian star actor Dominique Horwitz is performing the work under the direction of Torsten Fischer, with which the Kunstfest Weimar is giving guest performances at unusual theatre locations in rural Thuringia.
But your entry could also enrich one of the five local exhibitions created by the ACC Galerie Weimar: Artists will create theme-specific art spaces at five locations across the country during KUNSTFEST WEIMAR 2022. A sixth exhibition will bring together all the venues and works at the ACC.

Kagel's darkly ironic text is a masterly etude on precise linguistic imprecision, which has as its subject the unmasking of politically extremist, demagogic speech patterns on both the left and right fringes of society. The initial situation: from the balcony of his residence, the first man in the state practices one of his endless speeches. For his encouragement, reactions of non-present listeners are recorded on tape.

In addition to this Open Call, we would like to talk to you personally. From the end of June, we cordially invite you to numerous story cafés with the participating artists and other interesting people from science and culture. Under the motto »Dirty Talking – Thuringian Seductions« we would like to know from you: What is the power and danger of social seductions?


The storytelling cafés will take place at the following locations:


Burgk |
Story Café on Sat, 16.07. at 3.30 p.m. | in the Burgk Castle Museum (Burgk 17, 07907 Schleiz)

Diedorf |
Story Café on Mon, 11.07. at 6 p.m. | in the former Esda Hall, Alte Strumpffabrik, Educational and Cultural Centre (Wendehäuser Straße 1A, 99988 Südeichsfeld OT Diedorf)

Eisenach |
Story Café on Fri, 08.07. at 4 p.m. | at the Landestheater Eisenach

Finsterbergen |
Story Café on Mon, 18.07. at 5 pm | at the Finsterbergen leisure and adventure pool (Friedrichrodaer Weg 2, 99898 Finsterbergen (Friedrichroda))

Friedrichsrode |
Story Café on Thu, 07.07. at 7 pm | at Kunsthof Friedrichsrode (In Friedrichsrode 14,99713 Helbedündorf | OT Friedrichsrode)

Gera |
Story Café on Thu, 21.07. at 6 p.m. | Häselburg Gera (Florian-Geyer-Straße. 15-17 / Burgstraße 12, 07545 Gera)

Greiz |
Story Café on Fri, 22.07. at 6 p.m. | in the foyer 10arium Greiz (Friedrich-Naumann-Straße 10, 07973 Greiz)

Kleinneundorf |
Story Café on Thu, 14.07. at 7 pm | at Gasthof Fridolin (Kleinneundorf 10, 07330 Probstzella, OT Kleinneundorf)

Meiningen |
Story Café on Mon, 02.07. at 4 p.m. | at the State Theatre in Meiningen

Neustadt an der Orla |
Story Café on Tue, 28.06. at 5 p.m. | at the Lutherhaus (Rodaer Straße 12, 07806 Neustadt an der Orla)

Rudolstadt |
Story Café on Fri, 15.07. at 5 p.m. | at the Schillerhaus Rudolstadt (Schillerstraße 25,07407 Rudolstadt)

Schmalkalden |
Story Café on Wed, 6 July at 5 p.m. | at the Otto Müller Museum (Altmarkt 8, 98574 Schmalkalden)

Suhl |
Story Café on Tue, 12.07. at 6 p.m. | in the Kulturvilla Sauer (Bahnhofsstraße 20, 98527 Suhl)

Weimar |
Story Café on Wed, 13.07. at 7 p.m. | at the ACC Galerie Weimar (Burgplatz 1, 99423 Weimar)


Participation in the story cafés is free of charge. Advance ticket sales for the theatre performance begin on 01.07.2022.

[Translate to Englisch:] Erzählcafé 2021 in Weimar

[Translate to Englisch:] Dominique Horwitz © Ralf Brinkhoff