Open Call »Werwolfkommandos«

We are looking for 7 people who are interested in reading along at a lecture performance of »Werwolfkommandos – Der Diskurs«.


This year, KUNSTFEST WEIMAR is once again dealing with the topic of right-wing violence. After »438 Days of the NSU Trial – A Theatrical Search for Evidence« in 2021, »Werewolfkommandos« will follow in 2022. With this, the KUNSTFEST continues its engagement with trials against the right and the legal reappraisal of right-wing violence.

The project focuses in particular on the language that is constituted in the courtroom during the trials. Marie Schwesinger, Fabiola Eidloth and Julia Just are realising two parallel projects on this topic: »Werewolfkommandos – The Performance« & »Werewolfkommandos – The Discourse«, which will be presented at the KUNSTFEST between 25 Aug and 10 Sep 2022.

For »Werwolfkommandos – Der Diskurs« we are looking for interested citizens who would like to participate in a lecture performance at the Theaterplatz Weimar. The discourse programme will take place from 25 Aug to 10 Sep, at 6 pm each day in the KUNSTFEST pavilion on Theaterplatz. For the lecture performances, 2-3 actors from the team and one citizen of the city will sit on stage.

We are looking for 7 people who are interested in the topic and would like to take part in a lecture performance on stage.



You live in Weimar or the surrounding area and would like to read along? What interests you about the topic? Why do you want to take part in a reading?

Write a short text about yourself and your motivation or send us a video/audio recording in which you tell us who you are and what interests you about the project.

Submissions to: (Deadline: 24 July)

Attention! Extention of the Open Call until 08. August!



A get-to-know-you meeting via Zoom in July 2022.

One rehearsal via Zoom in the run-up to the Kunstfest Weimar (approx. 2 hours)

A rehearsal together with us at the end of August/beginning of September 2022 in Weimar (approx. 2 hours)


We look forward to receiving your submission and getting to know you!

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