KUNSTFEST 2021 & inclusion

KUNSTFEST WEIMAR is committed to presenting a festival that is accessible to everyone. To this end, during past festivals, we have made incremental improvements to our venues and our program. This year we are furthering this process through our project #Kunstfestinklusiv.

In collaboration with partner organisations we are auditing our planning and execution with a view to implementing systematic improvements in the coming years. Members of LEBENSHILFE-WERK WEIMAR-APOLDA E. V. are attending festival events alongside KUNSTFEST employees so that we can learn from their experiences firsthand. A team of four experts in the field — Felix Koch, Kathrin Wiemer, Jutta Polić and Florian Eib — have been engaged to provide audio described performance of »und alle tiere rufen: dieser titel rettet die welt auch nicht mehr« on the 5th of September. This is so that a wider public can access this years festival, and also to learn more about how to meaningfully present multimedia theater for audience members with sight issues.

The project is being documented and presented on the KUNSTEST’s TikTok chanel with support from #creatorsfordiversity.