The Kunstfest Weimar is central Germany’s leading festival of the arts, staged every year since 1990 in late summer. It presents outstanding examples of contemporary art at theatres, concert halls, museums, castles, libraries, streetsand plazas in the culturally historical city of Classical Weimar. This year’s programme features a wide range of theatre, dance, music, literature, film and fine arts productions. In the lead up to the festival, internationally acclaimed artists willmeet with the city’s young, creative scene and transform Weimar into an inspiring, dynamic stage. Numerous projects
are specially commissioned each year for the Kunstfest, ensuring that visitors enjoy an unforgettable experience in Weimar during the festival weeks. The festivities includea variety of programmes for younger audience members and their families, as well as an extensive accompanying programme
at no additional cost.
We cordially invite you to experience Weimar from a differentangle during these 17 festival days. Strike up conversation with our featured artists and fellow audience members.
Come celebrate the arts with us – in Weimar!

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