• Foto: Bauhaus Archiv Weimar, Aus: Der Architekt Hannes Meyer. Anschauungen und Werk, Berlin 1989

    Zeichnung: Gintersdorfer/Klaßen


    Meyer Hut and Meyer Pavilion
    A Non-Stop, High-Speed Production Theatre by Gintersdorfer / Klaßen in Weimar 2019

    The performance group Gintersdorfer/Klaßen is known far and wide for their innovative form experiments and political provocations. The Kunstfest has invited Monika Gintersdorfer and Knut Klaßen to be artists in residence in 2019. At various times during the year, they will stage a «Non-Stop, High-Speed Production Theatre» where the public can watch daytime rehearsals and new performances every night. With varying casts and occasional guests, the performances will combine elements of dance, visual arts, improv theatre and political intervention, and address topics ranging from the Bauhaus anniversary to the Weimar Constitution to current political events.

    A reconstruction of a pavilion designed by the second Bauhaus director Hannes Meyer will serve as a performance venue. Meyer played a crucial role in making the Bauhaus a success as he was the first to infuse the Bauhaus stage with language and political drive.

    In February, the project will set up a «Meyer Hut» on Goetheplatz and open the pavilion in April near the new bauhaus museum as a performance venue. During Kunstfest it will be also the festival centre on Theaterplatz.

    Furthermore, in a late programme the company presents songs banned by the Nazis in a «Weimar Cabaret» as a work in progress.