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    «Reichstag Re-enactment»

    A participative project for and with citizens from Weimar and the region
    The session of the democratically constituted National assembly in Weimar came to a close on 21 August 1919, exactly 100 years ago to the day of this commemorative project. Possibly one of the most famous photos of that era was taken that day. It showed members of parliament – many in tailcoats and top hats – gathered on the steps and balcony of the Nationaltheater. That evening a public festivity took place on the Theaterplatz. Soon thereafter the government moved to Berlin where the German parliament started to convene in the Reichstag building.

    The Kunstfest will mark the 100th anniversary of the momentous event by re-staging the famous photograph with 500 Weimar residents dressed in black suits in front of the DNT. The citizens and guests will then re-enter and «occupy» the theatre, creating a social sculpture in the form of a re-enactment of the National Assembly and the Reichstag until 1933. Pupils, young adults from Germany and neighbouring countries, refugees, members of the DNT ensemble and Staatskapelle, and politicians from Weimar, Thuringia and Berlin will read, perform and recite highlights and excerpts of the historical parliamentary debates and speeches.